Tsukumo Murasame is the main character of the show.

The Bearer of the Kami no Mimi, Or God's Ear. First year High school student with Yuki. His older sister, Toko, is his Zweilt Partner.

Appearance Edit

Tsukumo is a very handsome and attractive young man,he has collar length silver-white hair and Golden eyes. He usually has a blank face. He has the same eyes as his older sister.

Personality Edit

Tsukumo is a kind-hearted person, who deeply loves his Older Sister, Toko. He speaks few in the Manga and Anime, But isn't afraid to put his two sense in whatever sees wrong. Tsukumo’s power allows him to hear what people hear and that gets him sad sometimes. Tsukumo is nice to people who have been hurt and isn’t shy about showing kindness. He’s generous with his love, especially with his sister Toko. He’s the type of person to be popular with teenage girls, but doesn't know.

Background Edit

Not much is know about his past. He's family is one of the Ten Divine House. At age 7, He and Toko traveled to Kyoto where he was trained by Shizuka Usui.

He was Introduced on Chapter and Episode One, As the two watched over Yuki, recently.